Atlantic City Issues Mobile Gambling Regulations

‘On premises’ mobile gambling at Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos is one step closer, it seems, especially having in mind this week&s implementation of temporary regulations based on a law passed earlier in 2012.

The regulations were issued by the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division, and they will enable casino visitors to gamble on their iPads, smartphones and other mobile devices as soon as the technology has been implemented by the casinos.

However, this process may take some time, since the casinos prefer to wait and see what happens with the US online and mobile gambling, as legal uncertainties linger.

According to the division&s director David Rebuck, “These regulations are another example of the cooperation of all our partners and use of our own imaginations to move past the prescribed technology.

“Most importantly in this process was the development of regulations that provided safeguards to prevent underage gambling, and to continually ensure the integrity and security of mobile gaming in New Jersey.”

It was added by the division spokeswoman Lisa Spengler that no casino has yet applied to begin using such devices. This was explained by a casino operator Tony Rodio of the Tropicana Casino and Resort and chief of the Casino Association of New Jersey in the following way:

“Think of putting a bubble over each casino: this would be Internet gambling under that bubble. It costs money to build that bubble. If Internet gambling happens, that bursts the bubble I just spent all that money to build.”

As for the regulations, they prescribe that the punters’ mobile devices would have to be used on casino property, that electronic versions of games of chance can be offered by casinos for play on mobile devices within the casino and adjoining hotel, as well as any outdoor swimming pool area or outdoor recreational area, that companies that provide software used for mobile gambling will need a casino service industry license.

In terms of other restrictions, it has been specified that the devices must have the capability to recognize and ban players under the age of 21, those who are banned from casinos by the state or by having placed themselves on a self-exclusion list, but also that it can establish daily limits on a customer’s portable gambling and keep wireless communications between the device and the computer server encrypted using a state-approved technology.

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