Recent studies show that around 217 million people visit online game website annually. Both men and women and even children visit online game websites. Playing online games is healthy as these games boost your memory power, develop cognitive skills and also helps to stay connected with many people across the world.

Let’s see how online games are useful in developing memory power. To improve brain function, right from olden days, problem solving has been used as one of the main aspects. But in online games, finding the right game that helps in improving memory games is a difficult task and again finding the right partner is also difficult. But find challenging games is not difficult and these games are sure to improve your responsiveness. In online games there are puzzle games like Sudoku, Mahjong and trivia games like Slingo Matchumsand and Quiximity are strategy games. These games are easy to learn and play but at the same time they offer an ongoing challenge to the players.

Adults normally use only certain parts of the brain, so to make use of their brain completely; they should play games that focus on speed and memory, logic, and reasoning.  Studies shows that playing games like puzzles, memory games, logic and trivia games helps to stay away from diseases like dementia. It is always better to use all areas of your brain which is good in the long run. When it comes to children online games helps to improve their cognitive development. Instead of concentrating on memory and speed games, they can concentrate on logical reasoning games. Outdoor games with online games provide a healthy balance and at the same time give their brain the necessary workout.

In online games, though mental challenges, rich story line and cooperative play attract players, but at the end of the day it is social interaction that makes online games popular. Online games offer players to have meaningful relationship and sometimes they also get some casual friends. Online game community and multiplayer games gives the player an opportunity to strengthen their existing relationship and also get to meet new people.

Staying connected with friends and relatives has become a tough task due to various reasons. But with the help of online games communities and multiplayer online games, it is easy to promote social interaction. With games like backgammon, chess and 8 balls, it is possible to meet your old buddies and keep in touch.

Online games also help to deal with chronic diseases and other health related problems. In the year 2006, a nonprofit organization called Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation released numerous online games specially designed for children that help them to understand and cope up with their serious illness. When compared to books and pamphlets, games are easier way to understand when it comes to health related issues. Free online games have helped many families to understand bone marrow, how to battle cancer cells, managing dyslexia and also how to manage acute pain. Through imagination and creativity, there is no doubt that online games have opened doors to understanding as well as recovery.