Backgammon is a popular online casino game. With a blend of skill and luck, it can be made into a stimulating sport for people to relish. It is essential to comprehend how to go about playing backgammon on the internet before you start playing the game.

Aim of the Game

The basic aim of backgammon is to shift all the checkers about the board into your home area. After that you must get them off the board before the other player does. The numbers of checkers for each player are fifteen.

Starting the Game

There is no difference between playing the offline and online backgammon. Once you set up the board, each participant will throw a dice to decide who shall start. From there on, the players must throw two dice for their every turn and shift the checkers according to the dice numbers. In case, any player throws a double, he has to make four moves.


One thing to note is that the checkers can move only frontward towards the player’s own home area. Also, they can move to a spot that is vacant, or that spot which has participant’s own pieces or if the spot has a maximum of a single of his opponent’s checkers.


It is called a hit if a participant shifts his checker in a spot that has one of the other player’s checkers. This shifts the other player’s checker off the board to the bar. .

Bring In

Once the participant’s checker is hit and detached from the board, he will be required to bring that particular checker back in the game to be able to resume play. It is in the opponent’s home field that this checker is brought to. The player will keep missing his turn till he gets the number on the dice that permits him to penetrate the opponent’s home field.

Bear Off

Bear off is the term associated to the game of backgammon when a participant manages to bring all his checkers in his home field. Now, he can start to take his checkers off the playing board. Again, the checkers can be taken off from their home field only by getting the suitable dice numbers. That participant who gets rid of his checkers first is the winner.


The participant who gets rid of all his checkers from the playing board first is declared the winner. He is awarded one point. If the participant removes all of his checkers even before the other player has began to bear off, he wins through a Gammon (two points). However, if the player manages to get rid of all his pieces while the opponent has still one checker in your home area, you are awarded three points.

Online Backgammon Tips

In case you do not know how to play the online version of backgammon, you can try out the game in fun or free mode on most sites. This helps you to save your bankroll while still you get practice. You can choose the free mode before you switch over to money mode. After you get a hang of the game, you can start by betting low and then move to higher bets.