Why does my vision get fuzzy when I play solitaire or mahjong on-line?

This doesn’t happen when I’m working in Word or Excel. It usually clears up after about 40 … more

can someone teach me how to play mahjong? rules, strategies, etc?

I saw a show called Akagi, where they play mahjong, but it was hard to follow the game … more

When I play Mahjong Solitare, why does the screen go blank in the middle of the game? The message says, “Erro

I receive the message, “error connecting to server”. Do you know why this happens? And, what … more

Anyone here play Mahjong online?

k i’ve been playing this game online. The first time i played it, online with other players, i … more

I play Mahjong Solitaire on Yahoo games and score on average 62,000 sometimes more.?

But then there are scores of 325,458 and higher. How do you get scores that high? What do … more

What are good websites to play solitaire mahjong on the web without registrations membersips or downloads?

Better way to play mahjong?

I recently started to play this game on the computer and I seldom win. Any tips or advice?

Where can you play mahjong online in school?

yay mahjong

how do I play mahjong alone?

Hi there!
I am living in china and got a mahjong game as a present. I will play it … more

Does anyone know of a good site where I can play Mahjong against computers?

The normal 4 player mahjong … not the minigames like mahjong infinity.

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