How do you kill time when boredom strikes you? The obvious answer is playing video games. Once you start playing those hours just fly by. It can be a healthy distraction until you can control your emotions. But once you get yourself emotionally tied to it then it’s not too good like the YouTube video which shows an angry German kid. Playing online games is fun as they come for free.

Now that people are more interested in online games they can download these from web sites for free. Once you are happy with the demo you can buy the full version which is not too expensive. It may cost you about seven bucks. So you can actually download as many games as you want but only buy full versions for those ones that you really like. So you get to save a lot of money by avoiding putting quarters in gaming arcades. You need not invest in buying games for may be 50 bucks. There is no need to spend money on those expensive consoles. The only thing that you need is a computer. The online games are definitely PC and MAC compatible. This allows all kinds of users to enjoy the game. Of course the online games may not be good in graphics but they are just good enough if you want to time pass. And the most important thing is that they come for free.

There are so many online games to choose from. The most famous of them are the puzzles, time management games and the hidden objects. One of the most popular games is ‘Diner Dash’, which is a real hit today. It is a time management game with a character called ‘Flo’. The work of this character is to go around places to serve customers. It may be uncommon and strange locations under unusual circumstances. Of the puzzle games, there is one game that stands out called ‘Bejeweled’. This game is an all-time favorite. This game involves random patterns to be put together to disappear. Every time the level increases the speed also increases so the player has to think very fast to survive. Two other games that are very popular are the Mahjong and Sudoku. But classic ones like the arcade games are still player’s favorite. Online gamers spend hours on these games such as ‘Solitaire’ and ‘Board games’.

If hardcore and violent games is what you are looking for then you will not find them here. As these games are basically made light hearted and suitable for young children. But survey shows that players who use online games are in the age group 30 to late 40 and are women. So if you see the interest of the players are mainly nonviolent and casual games. There are players who are tired of games with guts and blood which they buy from stores, so it is a big relief for them. Parents are happy with this kind of gaming rather than one with a vengeance. All you need to look out for is that you don’t get addicted to it.