A Second Is All That Is Required To Lose In Mahjong Solitaire

When you have time to kill, try out your luck and expertise at a game of Mahjong solitaire. This is one of the many solitaire games that keep you engrossed and busy for as long as you want at trying to end the game.


The objective of the game is to form 72 pairs from its 144 tiles, to consequently clear the board. Sometimes, it is possible to find all the pairs of tiles. And sometimes the game ends, because there are no more pairs possible. In such a case, you can ask for a reshuffle of the tiles by hitting the reshuffle coin. It is possible to request 5 reshuffles in a single game.


Although you may reshuffle the tiles, sometimes it is unlikely and theoretically impossible to find pairs, even after reshuffling. It’s important that you avoid getting into such positions while eliminating pairs. This can be done by giving your full attention and concentration to the game while playing. If your mind wander even a second, it can cost you considerable time to refocus on the game.


Various versions of Mahjong


While playing Mahjong solitaire and its other versions like Mahjong towers, Mahjong quest and Mahjong escape, it is important that you always react fast. When you react quickly, you tend to make the right decision.


Another Mahjong strategy worth remembering is to imagine your movements a few steps ahead while playing the game. Even though you are presently playing the game, it is important to think ahead to prevent making the wrong moves later, which may result in you not finding a solution when the game is most challenging and intense.

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