Are there any good/legit MahJong Online gambling website?

Note: not looking for video game website but a GAMBLING site. Like pokerroom…etc..

thanks for the game site though.

2 Responses to “Are there any good/legit MahJong Online gambling website?”

  1. rpowers68 says:

    my wife and i play majong online at have a chance to win real money off jackpot spins u earn by completing the puzzles

  2. Matt S says: they have mahjong for money… i play canasta on site and have cashed out numerous times so it is legit and win about 80 percent of time u can see my name on top players so must be real players why else would i win so much.. takes about 10 business days to cash out though wish it would be faster. they don’t let people from some states play for money though, worth to check out though

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