Casual Games Online: Fun for Everyone

What do you do when you are super bored and you want to kill some time? Naturally, you play video games.. The hours fly by when you get caught up in these digital worlds. And they can be a healthy distraction as long as you don’t get too emotional like that angry German kid in the famous Youtube video. But what makes playing video games is getting them for free.

Lately with the spike of interest in casual games, there are a few websites where you can download tons of demo games free of charge and if you decide that you want to buy the full version it’s like only around seven bucks. So obviously what you would do is download all the games you like and only pay for the full versions that you really like. This beats going to an arcade and throwing in quarters every time you want to play another game or spending 5o bucks on a game at the store not to mention buying an expensive console to play them on. All you need is the computer that you visited the site with. Many of these games are now MAC and PC compatible so almost everyone can enjoy them. They might not have the kind of graphics that the expensive store-bought games but if you’re just killing time needing something to do, these free and cheap games will usually do just fine.

There’s all kinds of games to choose from but the most popular ones seem to be the puzzles and the hidden object and time management games. One of the more popular time management games is the ‘Diner Dash’ series where the character, ‘Flo’ has to scramble around and serve customers in unusual locations and under unusual circumstances. That one seems to be a big hit lately. When it comes to puzzle games, ‘Bejeweled’ stands out as one of the all time favorites. This is all about putting patterns together with random shapes and making them disappear. Each level increases the speed so that in the end, you really have to think fast to stay on top. Mahjong is another good one as is Soduko. Of course there’s also classic arcade games for nostalgia fans and you can spend hours playing solitaire and board games.

Now if you are looking for hardcore violent games, then these are not the places to find them. They are mostly going to be light-hearted fun games that are geared for young kids. Lately though, the rising segment of the population that actually downloads and plays these games are women in their 30’s to late 40’s. I have no Idea of why that is but there definitely seems to be big interest in tame non violent video games like those on casual gaming sites. Maybe it’s a big relief for those that are tired of all the blood and guts in many of the store-bought games and I’m sure that mothers of young children are most likely more than happy to see this change of pace. But one thing to watch out for is the time you end up playing them because they can be quite addicting.

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