Do you think that Mahjong will attract foreign players to play since it is an unique Chinese game?

and do you know how to play mahjong

10 Responses to “Do you think that Mahjong will attract foreign players to play since it is an unique Chinese game?”

  1. clncarplz says:

    I do not know what you are referring to when you say “foreign players” but I did see a lot of Filipinos in the Philippines playing Mahjong.

  2. boo says:

    Definitely! I know a Lebanese, a German and a Thai who loves this game so much that they will call us in the middle of the night, looking for ‘legs’ (players).

    You can bet on it!

  3. bodhihoang says:

    Americans are very ignorant when it comes to asianatic culture. Take kungfu hustle for example. The biggest hit in asia but when it came to america theatres it was killed. So I would say the same for Mahjong. The only 1 thing that seems very popular to westerners are the food.

  4. heartburn says:

    we play for hours non stop,did’nt notice we were playing for three days and three nights straight.that’s how we play in the is addictive once you learn the game.

  5. Ian B says:

    My friends from the Philippines and I used to play this game for hours and we would wager like 25 cents just for added fun.

  6. ?kco®games says:

    im from the US and I enjoy mahjong. But once I tried to play it on QQ, i got totally confused xD. because i had no idea it could be played with 2 or more people. the rules were quite different too~

  7. Equinox says:

    Not really. I can’t think of any equivalent western table-top games where there is so much setup or each round takes so long. And considering how long the game has been around and it’s still not taken up yet.

    I know the basics. Haven’t learnt all the winning combos yet.

  8. Aileen HK says:

    Yes, I know foreigners that are excellent Mahjong players and I know how to play mahjong!

  9. Rocky says:

    I HATE it .. It’s so annoying !!!

  10. Elena S says:

    board games are attractive regardless the origin

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