Does anyone know any good places to play Japanese Mahjong online?

I have been looking to play a game of Japanese (riichi) Mahjong online with multiple players. The only version I found didn’t know the rules right ( Other than that, I haven’t been able to find a version that is online with other players. I am looking for a list of sites that have the Japanese version of Mahjong.
Note: I am NOT looking for Mahjong Solitaire, American Mahjong, or Chinese/Hong Kong

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  1. yapaneko315 says:

    There are many Japanese online Mahjong games, and you can play with Japanese people… but, can you read Japanese?
    If not, it is bit difficult….
    Rules are slightly different depending on the game sites, and you usually need to install some kind of software in Japanese…
    What’s more, you have some rules entering the rooms and you have to talk to them in Japanese….

    Anyway, these are popular Mahjong sites, have a look, and see if you can do that.

    “Ton Pu Sou”

    “Maru Jang”

    “Mahjong Club”

  2. HiMAT Mode says:

    try to go in roppongi

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