Does anyone know of any FREE online mahjong solitair games?

all the games I am finding offer 60 minuites of free trial then you have to purchase the game….There must be some free mahjong out there.

4 Responses to “Does anyone know of any FREE online mahjong solitair games?”

  1. Christine says:

    solitare should be on yr computer just as art or painting is clik start, acessorys it should b there

  2. sierragreywolf says:

    yahoo games has several as well as real arcade, big fish games and shockwave.

  3. nursepjill says: is a great website for all kinds of free games, including several types of mahjong. You even earn tokens that you can use to buy chances at cash and prize drawings. It does have alot of pop-ups…which I guess you could disable (they don’t really bother me). And you can even chat with other players.

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