How do I play MahJong in a room at a table?

I know how to play it on my own but not at a table with other people.

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  1. Aprilbreeze says:

    On Yahoo, just click on Games; then, in the “Explore Yahoo Games” drop down menu, click on Board Games. Scroll down to “All Board Games” and click on MahJong – it’ll show 2 heads to the right indicating that it’s a multiple player game. Next, you’ll be prompted to sign in with a Yahoo user account; if you don’t have one, very easy to sign up. After you sign in, hit “click to continue”, then you’ll be in the MahJong games area. From here, you can click on “How to Play” and you can explore the game rooms, including watching other people play. Eventually, you just jump into an open game and you’re off. You use your mouse to play the tiles and click the plays.

    If you don’t want to play under your account name (and most players don’t), you can make up one or more user names. Where it says “Welcome, ___ [edit]”, which is located right next to “How to Play”, click on edit and give yourself a play name.

    Play around, you’ll figure it out and have great fun!

  2. i_love_swans31 says:

    I know how but not on a table. how do you play.

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