How do you play Japanese Mahjong?

I won a Japanese Mahjong set from a UFO catcher in, of course, Japan. And now I want to learn Japanese Mahjong to use the set, but I can’t find a decent tutorial anywhere!!

Can anybody help?

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  1. The Moogle King says:

    Mahjong is Chinese. I don’t think that there’s a japanese specific rule set, as the game is always played (at least to my knowledge) with the chinese rules. Mahjong is huge in Japan, but it’s rather complicated. I’ve forgotten how to play, but this page should help some.

  2. aquamusshu says:

    Mahjong is the most sophisticated game in the world. It originally came from China, but quite popular among Japanese. Usually it’s played by four people. Each player’s hand always consists of 13 tiles.The object of the game to get a complete hand of 14 tiles. You need to use your brain a lot ! There are some Web site where you can practice Mahjong game with on-line friends if you can read Japanese ……..

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