Online Board Games : Old Times’ Charm Revisited

Who hasn’t had a hell of time playing scrabbles as a child? How many of us haven’t enjoyed a healthy bout of Carom Board, Ludo or Monopoly?? Board games have been such an important and happy part of our childhood. Our parents, grandparents, cousins and neighbours would all join in. In fact, I remember that once my teacher caught 4 of us friends playing monopoly at the back of the class. We would have done anything to be able to play board games in those days.

Now the current generation has almost forgotten their charm. In the era of play stations and Nintendo Wii, board games have somehow been relegated to the back burner. To recapture the lost magic, board games are available in their online avatar. Classic games such as Solitaire already are the most popular leisure games all over the computer world. Solitaire is feared so much so that corporate America thinks that it is responsible for the wastage of maximum time of it’s employees.

Now online versions of monopoly, several types of solitaire and Tripeaks are available. The charm of online boards games is many-fold because they capture not only the nostalgic essence but also use modern day technologies to gel with the current generation. Mahjong adventures, Checkmate and Monopoly are some of the most popular board games being played online. Not to mention simple Dice and its various versions.

If you were a board game enthusiast and miss the charm of the old days, you can play the modern day online version. If nothing, it will make you feel young again at heart.

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