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Rummy Royal is the home of online rummy games and the most entertaining place to play all types of rummy with players from around the world.  Rummy is a skill-based card game which is often played for money stakes.  As well a challenging and entertaining game, it is a great way to meet fellow players and win some cash.  As opposed to gambling games, online rummy is completely legal.

Choose from Gin Rummy, Kalooki, Oklahmona Gin, Rummikub, Mahjong and Traditional Rummy, all supported by the latest software, with excellent graphics.

Not only can you enjoy a fun game of rummy at this site, but new players can also learn the rules of the various games and get tips on how to play. 

Gin Rummy is the classic, most often played form of rummy and is really easy to learn.  Each player aims to get rid of all his cards by forming sets and runs, also known as melds.  Oklahoma Gin is a slightly different variation where players must lay down all their cards at once to win the game.  Mahjong is also a version of rummy, originating in the Far East, and played for centuries.  It is played with tiles instead of cards, and uses Chinese symbols.  Similarly, the game of Rummikub is also played with tiles, numbered 1 to 13.  Players make melds, like in rummy, and must dispose of their tiles to win.

Tournaments make for exciting play and the chance to win real money raises the stakes and gets the adrenalin going.  Once you’ve learned the basics and checked out the rummy demos, which clearly explain each game with pictures and examples, you’ll be ready to get playing.  Freeroll tournaments are particularly worthwhile, since they are free to enter, and yet offer cash prizes.

Rummy Royal is offering some exclusive bonuses to both new and regular players.  Receive a 100% match bonus on your first deposit up to $200 and boost your bankroll.  Further bonuses can be earned for recommending a friend to play at the site.  Regular events and promotions keep things interesting, like guaranteed tournaments with thousand-dollar prizes.

The Royal Stars Club is the loyalty program at RummyRoyal, awarding points to regular players, which turn into prizes.  The more you play, the more prizes you will win.

It’s simple and easy to deposit money in your RummyRoyal account, using Paypal, credit card, Moneybookers or Neteller.  Should you ever encounter any problems or have a question about the site, it’s easy to contact the support team via live chat.  Simply click on the chat icon to talk to a representative immediately.  This feature means that any issues are quickly resolved by friendly, efficient staff, who can be contacted 24 hours a day.

Join the Rummy Royal community for fantastic rummy games, tournaments, tips and top prizes.

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