Strategies For Playing Mahjong

Well planned strategies for playing Mahjong could help you to success in this very interesting game. Whether it is the 13 or the 16 tile game version, you need good strategies. A heavenly hand is a reality while well planned game could be the key to your success. You must also learn about the traditions of the game. The most important part is playing against time since that will enhance your chances of success considerably.

While Mahjong is one of the most popular games today whether you play in the brick and concrete casino rooms or online, you have to develop a well planned set of strategies to succeed in the game.

Ordinarily there are two variations of the game. One is played with 13 tiles and the other with 16. The number of tiles in the hands of the player should always be the same. You will be pulling one from the wall or the piles of tiles before you or lift one discarded by your immediate predecessor. However, if you happen to hold more than 13 or 16 in the respective games, you will be disqualified and will be the immediate loser.

Strategies for playing Mahjong are therefore extremely essential. Of course you can win with a heavenly hand when your hand is pre-set for win without necessity of pulling or lifting tiles or cards used. However that is a rarity and it may occur only once in a thousand cases. On the other hand you have to carry forward with well made strategies for your game of Mahjong if you really wish to do well.

One of the well known traditions of the game is that when three players would drop West tile, the fourth and last player will avoid discarding the West in his turn. The reason is based on superstition that discarding west by all four may result in ill luck for all of them. In fact the players in Mahjong often avoid discarding tiles of one wind together. Similarly, the determination of game wind and prevailing wind is also pre-set as the East is always the dealer in the game. He is the dealer or the banker and the prevailing wind is always set to him.

Ordinarily there would be 144 playing tiles in a normal game of Mahjong. You must build up strategies to remove playing tiles the speediest way. At the same time you should also aim at achieving the highest scores. Remember, you have to select and match tiles having identical pictures. As soon as you match two tiles, they disappear and the game finishes when all such tiles disappear. A tile has to be free to be selected and should not be covered by other tiles. No other tiles should touch the sides of the tile you select though they can touch the top or the bottom. You should be doubly careful when you are playing Mahjong on your PC using the cursor of the mouse.

When you find a flower tile you benefit since you can match any flower tile with any other flower tile. Similarly you can match any of the season tiles with any other season tiles. Of course you cannot match flower tiles with season tiles. Each of the tiles has some base values attached to them. Removal of tiles will enhance your scores. When you are able to clear all the 144 tiles, you will also get bonus points. So this will be one of the focal points for your strategy building. The most important part of it is to learn the value of time which is always against you. Your strategy for playing Mahjong should aim at minimizing your time for games.

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