Where can I play Mahjong in China?

I’m french, I’m going to China next months (Shanghai and Beijing most of the time). I can play mah-jong quite well. I would like to play mahjong there, with chinese people. Where ?

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  1. Pierre O says:

    CAUTION – Mah Jong is played only for money in China and they are very serious about it. I have played Mah Jong in several countries, and the rules are different everywhere.
    If you know people where you are going, they may be able to help you, but as a foreigner, without introduction, I would stay away from any game – a sure way to loose your money, or more…

  2. Craftylass says:

    I don’t know about Beijing or Shanghai, but in my city in the northwest, people play mahjong in the parks. There’s usually at least one or two games going, along with lots of groups of people playing cards. It’s usually men, although women are part of the card groups as well.

    If you have the language abilities, just ask if you can join them. Yes, I’ve seen money exchange hands, but it’s usually been a pittance. Out here, it’s usually just for fun when it’s in those settings.

  3. cmui1978 says:

    Mahjong has some different rules at each places in China. Usually, it is a game with family or friends, or it is playing for money as gambling. We usually play it home at family gathering for small amount of money.

    – There may be gambling Mahjong stores – I am sure Hong Kong has this, but not sure about Beijing or Shanghai.
    – Some old people play this at the park
    – The center for old/retire people has this game for older people.
    – People pays it home with family and friends. (You can try to know some friends in China.)
    – We also play Mahjong at restaurant before start of meal. Usually before wedding reception or birthday party.

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